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Asus 19V 3.42A 65W ac adapter

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Asus 19V 3.42A 65W φορτιστής

Ανταλλακτικό τροφοδοτικό BRAND NEW ® - ΚΑΙΝΟΥΡΓΙΟ ®


Output Voltage: 19V
Current: 3.42A
Watt: 65W
Connector Size: 5.5mm X 2.5mm
AC Pin: 3PIN

Η συσκευασία περιλαμβάνει και το καλώδιο ρεύματος.
Φορτιστής με φίλτρο ΕΜΙ χαμηλού θορύβου και προστασία από υπερφόρτωση.

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20,00 €

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Asus 19V 3.42A 65W power adapter ΦΟΡΤΙΣΤΗΣ ΤΡΟΦΟΔΟΣΙΑΣ ΡΕΥΜΑΤΟΣ ΓΙΑ ΜΟΝΤΕΛΑ ΤΗΣ ASUS Κατάλληλος για τα μοντέλα φορητών της ASUS όπως τα παρακάτω: Για τα περισσότερα μοντέλα λαπτοπ ASUS Asus Lamborghini VX1 Asus SW1 VBI, U1E, U1F, U2E, U6E Asus K series K40IJ, K40IN, K40IJ-E1B, K42F, K42F-A1, K42F-A2B, K50IJ, K50IN, K50IJ-D2, K50IJ-F1B, K50IJ-RX05, K52F, K52JB Asus P series P50IJ, P50IJ-X1, P50IJ-X2 Asus A2 series: A2000L, A2L Asus A3 series: A3000, A3000A, A3000Ac, A3000E, A3000H, A3000L, A3000N, A3A, A3Ac, A3E, A3FC, A3H, A3L, A3N, A3VC, A3VP Asus A5 series: A5E, A5EB, A5EC Asus A6 series: A6000, A6000N, A6000Ne, A6000Rp, A6000U, A6000Vc, A6F, A6JC, A6JM, A6KT, A6M, A6N, A6Ne, A6Rp, A6T, A6TC, A6U, A6Vc Asus A8 series: A8E, A8F, A8FM, A8H, A8He, A8Jr, A8M Asus A9 series: A9Rp Asus B5 series: B50A Asus F2 series: F2F, F2JE, Asus F3 series: F3F, F3H, F3Jm, F3Jv Asus F5 series: F5M, F5N, F5R, F5RL Asus F6 series: F6E Asus F9 series: F9E, F9F, F9J Asus F522 series Asus L2 series: L2000E, L2E Asus L3 series: L3000C, L3000S, L3400, L3400C, L3800, L34, L34C, L3C, L3S Asus L4 series: L4000E, L4000R, L4500, L4500R, L4E, L4R Asus M2 series: M2000, M2000A, M2000E, M2000N, M2000Ne, M2A, M2C, M2E, M2N, M2Ne Asus M24 series: M24, M2400, M2400A, M2400E, M2400N, M2400NE, M24A, M24E, M24N Asus M3 series: M3, M3000, M3000N, M3NP, M3000NP, M3N Asus M52 series: M52A, M52Ae, M5200A, M5200Ae Asus M6 series: M6000, M6000BN, M6000BNe, M6000N, M6000Ne, M6000r, M6A, M6BN, M6BNe, M6N, M6Ne, M6R, M6V Asus N1 series: N10E, N10J, N10Jc Asus R1 series: R1E, R1F Asus S1 series: S1000N, S1300N, S1N, S13N Asus S6 series: S6F, S6Fm Asus S9 series: S96F, S96Fm VBI Asus P series: P50IJ, P50IJ-X1, P50IJ-X2 Asus U series: U1E, U1F, U2E, U50G, U5A, U50A, U5F, U50F, U6E, U8A, U80A, U81A, U8V, U80V, UL20, UL20A, UL20A-A1, UL30V, UL30Vt, UL30VT-A1, UL50, UL50A, UL50Ag, UL50Ag-A2, UL50Ag-A3B, UL50, UL50V, UL50Vt, UL50Vt-A1, UL50Vt,-X1, UL50, UL50Vs, UL50Vs-A1B, UL80, UK80V, UL80Vt, UL80Vt-A1, UL80A, UL80Ag, UL80Ag-A1, UL80Ag-A2B, UX50v Asus V6 series: V6, V6000, V6000J, V6000V, V6000Va, V6J, V6V, V6Va Asus V68 series: V68, V68V, V6800, V6800V Asus W1 series: W1, W1000, W1000N, W1Ga, W1Gc, W1N, W1Na Asus W3 series: W3A, W3N, W3Z, W3V Asus W5 series: W5000, W5000A, W5000Ae, W5000AF, W5000F, W5000Fe, W5000Fm, W5A, W5Ae, W5F, W5Fe, W5Fm Asus W6 series: W6A, W6F, W6FP Asus W7 series: W7F Asus X5 series: X50GL, X50RL, X51H, X51L, X51R, X51RL Asus Z33 series: Z33, Z33A, Z33Ae, Z3300, Z3300A Asus Z35 series: Z35, Z3500, Z3500Fm, Z35Fm Asus Z61 series: Z6100A, Z6100Ae, Z61A, A61Ae, Asus Z63 series: Z6300A, Z63A Asus Z70 series: Z7000, Z7000A, Z7000N, Z7000Ne, Z7000V, Z7000Va, Z70A, Z70N, Z70Ne, Z70V, Z70Va Asus Z71 series: Z71, Z7100, Z7100A, Z7100V, Z7100Vp, Z71A, Z71V, Z71Vp Asus Z84 series: Z8400F, Z84F Asus Z9 series: Z9, Z9000 Asus Z91 series: Z9100A, Z9100Ac, Z9100E, Z9100F, Z9100Fc, Z9100N, Z91A, Z91Ac, Z91E, Z91F, Z91Fc, Z91N Asus Z92 series: Z9200, Z9200Km, Z92Km Asus Z93 series: Z9300E, Z93E Asus Z96 series: Z9600F, Z9600Fm, Z96F, Z96Fm Part Numbers: DP-65JH AB,ADP-65JH BB,ADP-65JH CB,ADP-65JH DB,PA-1650-66, EXA1208EH


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